Nessa O’Mahony is a Dublin-born poet and novelist. She has published five books of poetry – Bar Talk, appeared (1999), Trapping a Ghost (2005), In Sight of Home (2009) and Her Father’s Daughter, published by Salmon in September 2014.Her fifth collection, The Hollow Woman on the Island, was published by Salmon in 2019.

Novelist Joseph O’Connor described In Sight of Home as ‘a moving, powerful and richly pleasurable read, audaciously imagined and achieved’ whilst poet Tess Gallagher said of Her Father’s Daughter that ‘words are her witching sticks and she employs them with beautiful, engaging intent, the better to make present what has preceded and what approaches.’

Her first novel, The Branchman, is published by Arlen House in September 2018.

O’Mahony won the National Women’s Poetry Competition in 1997 and was shortlisted for the Patrick Kavanagh Prize and Hennessy Literature Awards.