I’m going to be sharing this space with some fellow writers over the coming months as it’s always interesting to see what other people are up to.

The marvellous Lia Mills, whose novel, Fallen (Penguin 2014), had me captivated earlier this year, has interviewed me over on her blog – Given that her own novel is set in 1916 Dublin, she was interested to talk to me about my own views of history and creative writing. You can read the results over on Lia’s blog Libran Writer here

I’m also going to be talking to British novelist S.J. Holloway about his forthcoming novel The Words We Use Are Black and White, which will be released in November. Simon and I will be doing a joint reading in Bangor Library, Bangor, North Wales, in early December and he’ll be coming over to read at the Irish Writers Centre in February, along with the wonderful Nerys Williams. You can read all about Simon here.