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Loosely inspired by her grandfather’s career, Nessa O’Mahony’s debut crime fiction is a tense political thriller that tells the story of a returned British soldier turned IRA freedom fighter and undercover detective in the Irish Free State’s newly established Special Branch. Set in East Galway in 1925, it tells the story of Detective Michael Mackey’s attempts to uncover a subversive plot to undermine the fledging new State and to save the life of the only woman he ever loved.

In the Dublin Review of Books, Pauline Hall said that “the originality of this novel lies in O’Mahony’s treating of dirty work in Co Galway in 1925 within many of the conventions of American private eye fiction” whilst Declan Burke, in The Irish Times, said that what was “most fascinating, perhaps, is O’Mahony’s evocation of the wider political backdrop, that fragile, imperfect peace that took hold in the wake of the War of Independence and the Civil War.”



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